Rock Crawling Events

Our new Rock Crawler Arena now has loads more challenging obstacles to test your skills. The course is open to all 10th scale Rock Crawlers (smaller scales welcome, but will struggle around the course).

We will be holding some Fun Events and some Competition Events; these will be indicated on the race calendar and dates below. 

Fun Events

Fun events are a great opportunity to come along with your vehicles and ‘just have a go’. The rules are not enforced and the idea is to just take part and enjoy crawling with like-minded people. Your ready to run vehicle is fine for this type of event and all ages are welcome. There will be marked trails around the arena marked by numbered gates to be followed in order.

Competition Events

Competition events are open to everyone, but follow more formal rules. In its basic form, you will be paired with a judge and your scores will be recorded on a scorecard. These scorecards are then handed in at the end of the day to the event organisers. The competitor with the lowest overall score will be the winner.


Ready To Run (RTR) or competition RC Crawler with 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver.

Lipo or NIMH battery pack 

Scoring Penalties

● Gate Marker: 10 points

● Boundary Marker: 10 points

● Vehicle Touch (Repositioning & Repair): 10 points

● Course Direction: 10 points

● DNF (Did not finish): 100 points

Vehicle Requirements

Any truck is valid in this ruleset, including the Ready to Run you just purchased.

We will only run individual classes at very large meetings

Class 1 - Scale Trail Class Tyre size is below 4.19” (106.7mm) No DIG or rear wheel steer allowed.

Class 2 - Performance Scale Class Tyre size is above 4.19” ( 106.7mm) and up to 4.75” (120.65mm) No DIG or rear wheel steer allowed.

Class 3 - Competition Truck Class Tyre size is above 4.75” (120.65mm) Use of DIG or rear wheel steer allowed.

Event Dates

25th February – Fun Event - CANCELLED DUE TO BAD WEATHER 

24th March – Competition Event

28th April – Fun Event 

26th May – Competition Event    

Gate's open 9.00am with open practice. Competition starts10.00am

Extra dates to be added as the year progresses.

Entry Prices

Members £6.00

Non Members £8.00

Booking In Now Open


On PayPal please add note of date you are booking for and use send to friends & family

Once you have paid please fill in the registration form


And we will add you when the list is updated next

Sunday 26th May
Lee Malyon
Harley Malyon
Jason Woodford
Terry Crew
Alex Shapland
Robert Pike

Saturday 28th June - Evening Event

24th March
1st - Alan Read
26th May
1st - Robert Pike
2nd - Terry Crew2nd - Lee Malyon
3rd - Alison Marshall3rd - Jason Woodford
4th - Jason Woodford4th - Alex Shapland
5th - Mark Finch5th - Harley Malyon (J)
6th - Lewis Cornwell

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