Saturday 15th January 2022

Immediate Action Required

"HiViz” vests/bibs/jackets

I refer to the second paragraph under Marshalling in the Competitors Rules section of this  club website that has been taken directly from the BRCA handbook and reads.
"All Marshals must wear “HiViz” vests/bibs/jackets. The Marshals must wear this apparel correctly."
Being a member of the BRCA you are bound by their rules and the club have a responsibility to make sure the rules are followed.
So with immediate effect make sure you are wearing your "HiViz" when marshalling.
Vests are available from B&Q or online from around £3.00. We also have a few freshly laundered used XL vests available from race control for a small donation to the club.

Extract from BRCA handbook

Monday 3rd 2022

21.5 Motors At SHMCC

This year it has been decided to introduce 21.5T Touring Car class to the Club Championship. This will run along side the 17.5T Touring Cars with separate heats if numbers are sufficient. The 21.5T Cars will be identified during racing by a sticker in the front window supplied by the club.
The reasoning behind this is that as technology has improved so has the performance and speed of the 17.5T class. The 21.5T motor is still very competitive but with not quite so much bite, therefore easier to handle and keep the car on the track. Ideal for the less experienced driver or if your reactions aren't too hot.

Monday 13th December 

Race Calendar 2022

These are the race meetings planned at South Hants Model Car Club for 2022. For more details of each meeting please check the booking in page for that meeting.

Details of this year's Club Championship and Under 16s Truck Championship will be announced on Sunday 23rd January.

Also details of the Open Day/Fun Day will be posted as soon as available. 

Friday 10th December 

Christmas Bank Holiday Race Meeting 

It appears we don't have enough of our regular racers able to attend on December 28th and very few definite entries.😟

Therefore it has been decided to CANCEL this meeting.😟

However at the last Wednesday evening meeting on 22nd December we will be offering FREE hot soup and hot chocolate to all competitors.👍😃🚗🏁

Wednesday 8th December

Sunday 5th December 

Latest Covid Guideline Update

Although we are not a retail outlet, can all competitors revert back to wearing face masks when on the rostrum please.
😷😷😷😷😷😷 😷😷😷😷😷😷 😷😷😷😷😷😷 😷😷😷😷😷😷

This in addition to the Guidelines we already have in place which are:

Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it when needed
Do Not enter race control unless invited
Marshall wearing your own work gloves
Give other competitors plenty of space
Wear your own high-vis vest or jacket for marshalling

Finally - Follow any other directions given by the Race Director on the day.

Thursday 25th November 

Important Announcement

Tamiya Truck Tyres

Due to the short supply of the original Tamiya Truck Tyres the club has decided to allow an alternative Touring Car wheel & tyre to be used.

Ride 1/10 Slick Tyres Precut 24mm 10 Spoke Wheel

Part number: RI-26072 or RI-26073

These will then be the control tyres for all club Championship Meetings for the foreseeable future. These tyres have been chosen because of their consistency in use on the track, price and that they are stocked by several different uk shops. Available for less than £25.00 a set from:
MB Models
Wheelspin Models
And on Ebay

Tuesday 23rd November 

The Brass Monkey Championship will run through the winter months for both Touring Cars & Tamiya Trucks, weather permitting and while we still have drivers wishing to race. There will be 5 rounds with your best 3 scores to count. Trophies will be awarded to all under 16s competing in 3 or more rounds.  

Dates are as follows:

Sunday 28th November

Tuesday 28th December

Sunday 23rd January 

Sunday 20th February 

Sunday 13th March 

Gates open at 9.00am First Heat 10.00am

In the event of a low turnout, we will take a vote with the entrant on if we should cancel or run a timed practice session, again weather permitting.

Wednesday 10th November 

Busy on the track this week. One heat of 8 Touring Cars and one of 9 Trucks. As usual great fun and loads of banter in the pits. The Trucks just look awesome with there lights on at these evening meetings.

New Club Stickers 

Ask Terry for your FREE Stickers trackside

SHMCC CLUB stickers available to all club members. 

OLD 'N' FAST stickers are for members who race on a regular basis to have fun while being competitive but not to serious and want to team up with Terry and OLD 'N' FAST to make sure the club thrives.

Stickers are only FREE to club members and £1.00 each to non members

Now check out all our race meeting dates on our new Race Meeting Calendar

Ooh first Wednesday of the month this week so it's Truckmaggedon time! 👍🏁👍🏁👍

We are now racing under floodlight every Wednesday evening throughout the winter while there is a demand and weather permitting.

Covid Mask Wearing 

As from Wednesday 22nd September the club has decided, at least for the time being it will NOT be mandatory to wear a mask on the rostrum. This decision has been made to help drivers with glasses avoid steaming up as previously experienced in the colder weather. Obviously please still stand well spaced on the rostrum and respect the wishes of other competitors who still wish to wear masks.

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